Richard is an American pop songwriter who collaborates with music producers, musicians, and vocalists .

Richard gets his musical inspiration from both pop and country music, and has a knack for writing “catchy” melodies.

You can find Richard's music on all social media platforms  including: Spotify, YouTube, InstagramFacebook, Pandora, Iheart Radio,, and ReverbNation.

Richard is an artist who is a part of Getty Image's Music Library Division "Pump Audio"   and his music is available for licensing for TV/Film placement. 

If you are an artist or a music supervisor looking for songs for your project, don't hesitate to contact Richard.  His material is pre-cleared and ready for licensing!

If you are a listener who just enjoys music, consider following Richard on Facebook or  subscribing to his YouTube channel for new song updates.

Thank you!

Enjoy the music!

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