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Music Marketing: The Do It Yourself Musician-Gearing Up For You Tube Video Posting 

Hi Music Fans,

This weekend, I invested time in diving in to the world of marketing music. As I jump off into this adventure that is marketing on social media, I decided to start by learning how to create a "You Tube" video with quality sound and quality images. I learned so much this weekend and learned about some cost effective solutions for filming on a budget!

First, I decided that my LG Smartphone had a very high quality video capture. From there I purchased a JOBY Tripod Mount to mount onto my tripod. In order to get the sound quality up to par, I found an inexpensive solution and purchased an iRig at guitar center, which is a pre-amp sound adapter that allows the user to plug in a condenser microphone in the smartphone for high quality sound. I wasn't sure if this was all going to work, but it did!!!!! I was so happy about that. I will be posting soon, utilizing my new gear.

Lastly, I spent time getting to know my video editing software. I currently am using Pinnacle Studio as my editing software and I am finding it user friendly.

Just wanted to share for any of you "Do -It-Yourselfers" out there. Anyone have any suggestions regarding gear for You Tube Video Recording?

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