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Progress: New Song 

Hi Music Fans,

I've written several new songs, but decisions, decisions..Which one do I record? Well I've decided my next recording will be a song called "Get Away" The song has been through several rewrites...8 in total! I think one of these days, I'll have it honed in..Coming pretty close to it. It is so true, and I heard this somewhere that 98% percent of your time is spent on 2% of your song. Its those final rewrites where I typically start to employ patience as it takes that to spending time trying to rewrite one line. One line can actually affect other parts of the song.

I always find it fascinating how much work goes into something that is only heard for 3 to 4 minutes at a time. Weeks, months, and sometimes years can be the length of time it might take a songwriter to complete a song. And after all the hard work, its heard for just a brief moment. Its so worth it though. For a songwriter, to hear your own song come to life is an experience that is indescribable. Hopefully, its a song the resonates with listeners and sticks with them throughout the years.

Does anyone have a creative project they are working on lately? It doesn't only have to be music..Feel free to share your progress and process.

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