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Recent Concert: A Dynamic Duo and an Awesome Band 

Hi Music Fans,

I just recently saw a "double bill" concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. It was awesome! Master hit songwriters Daryl Hall and John Oates played an evening of hit after hit! Daryl Hall's soulful voice resonated throughout the arena and John Oates harmonies and backup vocals completed the Hall and Oates sound.  The band "Train" lead the show with a very strong performance. Pat Monohan's voice sounded awesome! I especially liked the way they performed the songs "If it's Love". The lyrics projected behind the band as they played and the musicians were top notch!

As a songwriter myself, soaking in all these songs reminded my of the utter talent these guys have in crafting hit after hit. It was so inspiring to me, making me want to write more songs!

Truly inspiring!

Are there any concerts that you've attended that have been inspiring to you as a musician/songwriter? If you aren't a musician, any concerts you'd say that you've left going.."Now that was an awesome show.. I'll never forget that!" ? 

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